Specialized in integrated logistics and Supply chain

About Us


NewZ Corp LLC, a company specialized in integrated logistics and supply chain, is responsible for a new ocean line between Brazil and USA.

We offer:

  • Ocean freight with extremely competitive price;

  • Agility in releasing containers;

  • Transit time reduced without overflows or intermediate stopovers;

  • Priority for boarding at the TVV;

  • Dedicated direct line from Espírito Santo-BR;

  • The largest exporter of ornamental stones;

  • Finished slabs in Brazil and one of the largest in the world, to the United States of America.

NewZ Corp LLC, results from the joining of 3 companies: BZamp, NAZA Surfaces and PG Holding

Specialized in port operation and logistics, retro port and in the oil and gas industry and special projects for over twenty years


Specialized in international logistics, operating for over 20 years in various sectors of international trading


Financial and business consultancy with international expertise in structuring multilateral deals


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